{2018} Christmas Poems for Students and Kids

 Christmas Poems

Christmas Poems: You might be looking for Christmas poems (Xmas Poems) for school projects, presentations or any other work. Here we have a collection of some Xmas poems which will be helpful to you in your projects.

 Christmas Poems

Full of the Christmas Spirit - Christmas Poem by Paul Curtis

Come Christmas day
I will be full of Christmas spirit

Buck fizz with my breakfast
Is only the start of it
Then a sherry with the vicar
After the candles have been lit 
And aperitif before lunch 
Maybe Vodka or a Gin and it 
Wine with every course 
Brandy when the pudding is lit 
Liqueur with coffee 
Then more brandy as we sit 
Then when the day is over 
I wish shoe a ferry Hacky Fhrismit

Christmas Is Coming  - A Short Christmas poem of an Anonymous

Christmas is coming,
The geese are getting fat
Please put a penny
In the old man’s hat
If you haven’t got a penny
A ha’penny will do;
If you haven’t got a ha’penny
Then God bless you!

Advice From Poor Robin’s Almanac - Christmas poem by an Anonymous author

Now that the time has come wherein
Our Savior Christ was born,
The larder’s full of beef and pork,
The granary’s full of corn,
As God hath plenty to thee sent,
Take the comfort of thy labors,
And let it never thee repent
To feed thy needy neighbors.

Christmas Child - Christmas poem written by Mary E. Carpio

Turn your eyes this Christmas
To the Child who was born
He came into the world
Only to find sorrow and scorn

He knew we needed a Savior
To set us free from sin
No other way to redemption
But to open your heart to Him

Remember this Christmas season,
Material things cannot satisfy
They are but temporary
They disappear and die

But the love of our Savior
A gift that lives eternally
He is that brightest Star
Which shines upon the tree!

A Catastrophe - Christmas poem by Susie M. Best

If old Kriss Kringle should forget
To travel Christmas eve,
I tell you now, I think next day
The little folks would grieve.

There wouldn’t be a single toy,
A single box or book,
And not a bit of candy in
Their stockings when they’d look

Because you see, Kriss Kringle has
A “corner” on these things,
‘Tis he, and he alone, who in
The night our presents brings.

Then let us all try to avert
This sad catastrophe,
And hope Kriss Kringle may at least

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